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NewsBMW Buys Alpina Brand, Takes Company Inside From 2026

BMW Buys Alpina Brand, Takes Company Inside From 2026

Alpina will become part of BMW

  • BMW and Alpina have been working together for decades

  • Could turn Alpina into BMW’s version of AMG

After 57 years of building some of the most interesting vehicles to wear a BMW badge, some big changes are coming to tuner Alpina. The BMW Group has bought the brand, meaning that BMW Alpina cars will be very different after 2025.

Though the company is recognized in Germany as a manufacturer in its own right, the company’s production cars are nearly as integrated into the BMW line as AMG is to Mercedes-Benz. This includes models being built on BMW’s own production lines.

The company has long offered an alternative to BMW’s own M division. More power than a standard car, but with engine and suspension tuning aimed at a road-car audience instead of those looking for maximum attack on track.

BMW is buying the Alpina brand from the family that owns it now. The changes will probably not start until 2026, as BMW Alpina cars will continue to be developed by the current Alpina company until the end of 2025.

Alpina Burkard Bovensiepen GmbH, the company that owns Alpina now, says that the company will still cooperate with the BMW Group in the future but in a new form focusing on engineering and development services. The company also says this will help ensure a supply of parts and services for BMW Alpina models and the announcement says that BMW will introduce more offerings in Alpina’s range.

The entity we know now as Alpina will continue to operate after 2025, taking on the brand name Bovensiepen. That’s the name of the family which started and runs the company. The plan will be to “bring different but impressive mobility offerings to market,” said CEO Florian Bovensiepen.

Bovensiepen will also expand its business in classic automobiles, though it’s not clear exactly what that means.



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