Friday, December 9, 2022
News BMW Gives M3 Touring Loads of M Performance Carbon Bits, Plus a...

BMW Gives M3 Touring Loads of M Performance Carbon Bits, Plus a New and Strange Exhaust

M Performance takes a turn at the M3 Touring

  • M Performance accessories made from hand-laid carbon

  • New bits make M3 wagon sharper, cooler, louder

BMW is making us even more upset that we’re not going to get the M3 Touring wagon. Why? Because BMW M Performance Parts has just announced it will be making parts for the M3 Touring that make it even cooler. Well, except for that exhaust. We’re not sold on that one just yet.

The M Performance Parts selection for the BMW M3 Touring starts with a carbon fibre front splitter along with carbon flics. They’re meant to give the 503 hp a DTM look. That’s the German touring car series if you’re not familiar with that particular motorsport discipline. It uses some very wide stock-looking cars.

Pop the hood and there are carbon fibre air breathers while on the doors are carbon exterior mirror caps. M says it’s all hand-crafted, making it even more impressive.

Then there are rear winglets, a roof spoiler, and an M Performance rear diffuser. BMW didn’t mention any performance enhancements, but we don’t care. This looks mean!

An adjustable-height sport suspension will have effects on handling. Dropping the coilovers lowers the center of gravity and improves cornering. They’re ideal for track use, as are the new M Performance road and track brake pads.

The lace-pattern wheels are stunning. Each is sculpted from a single block of aluminum before getting finished in jet black or frozen gold bronze. They measure 20-inches in the front and 21 in the rear.

Inside, BMW is offering more open pore carbon trim along with Alcantara knee pads for extra cushion in hard cornering. You can get carbon fibre seatback covers and an Alcantara armrest.

We’ve left the exhaust for last. It’s a titanium system with a muffler 30 percent lighter than stock. BMW calls the sound coming from those pipes “full-blooded racing car acoustics.” But the quad-pipe layout with the pipes in the center of the rear bumper, with an offset stacking pattern? Well, we’ll leave it up to you, but we think our opinion is clear.

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