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NewsBMW i7: More Details Ahead of the Official Launch

BMW i7: More Details Ahead of the Official Launch

BMW teased its upcoming i7 electric flagship by showing some of its new technologies.

  • One trim level has been confirmed for the United States

  • Two interior features have been revealed

  • A teaser video is available on the BMW USA website

BMW revealed more details about its upcoming i7 flagship electric sedan ahead of its official debut, which is rumoured to be planned for April 14th.

The i7 will be the electric equivalent of the 7 Series in the automaker’s lineup, which is why it will be equipped with all of the latest technologies that have been developed by BMW.

Some of these technologies have been shown in the teaser video that is now published on the company’s American website.

For example, the i7 will be available with the Theater Screen, a large screen that comes down from the ceiling, right behind the front seats in order to offer entertainment to the rear seat passengers on a large 31-inch screen. This screen will be equipped with 5G connectivity and a resolution that can reach 8K. A high-end sound system will be part of the system and it will allow the passengers to watch a movie as if they were in a theater.

This innovation was shown at the last Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in January, a place where many automakers reveal new technologies before they integrate them into production vehicles.

2023 BMW i7 teaser | Photo: BMW
2023 BMW i7 Interaction Bar | Photo: BMW

In addition, the i7 will feature the Interaction Bar, another new technology from BMW which will provide touch controls for some of the vehicle’s functions as well as serving as an ambient illumination source.

This piece of glass appears to be installed on the dashboard where a wood or aluminum trim piece would have traditionally been mounted and it looks like multiple patterns will be selectable in order to change the appearance of the interior with the mood of the driver.

From the outside, only the front end has been teased and the only elements visible are the day-time running lights and the illuminated grille surround, which has already been shown of some of the brand’s other new models.

The headlamps will be separate from the DRLs and installed lower in the bumper, following a trend that begun close to 10 years ago, mostly on SUVs.

2023 BMW i7 teaser | Photo: BMW
2023 BMW i7 Theater Screen | Photo: BMW

As far as powertrains go, very few official details are known but BMW confirmed one of the trims which will be sold in the US, the xDrive60. This name indicates that this version will feature a dual motor configuration that will give it all-wheel drive. The company confirmed this version will have a range of about 300 miles (483 kilometers). Other versions are likely to be added, possibly including a single motor variant that should have more range, although this has not been confirmed.


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