Friday, January 27, 2023
News BMW is Preparing a Standalone “M” Model

BMW is Preparing a Standalone “M” Model

BMW is reportedly working on a standalone M model that could be electrified

  • This will only be sold as an M car, like the M1 was 40 years ago

  • This could be an electrified sports car

  • A new SUV will be introduced on november 29, possibly with an M version

The ex-boss of the M division of BMW has recently revealed that a standalone M model is in the plans of the German automaker.

The M division is the entity that creates the most powerful and sporty versions of BMW vehicles. Usually, it takes an existing model and modifies it to make it quicker, more rewarding to drive and more exclusive. This treatment is applied to almost every car BMW sells, including SUVs.

This new model that has been alluded to would be different. This model would be entirely designed an engineered as an M car and it would not have a lesser version aimed at the regular public.

This has already been done on the BMW M1 of the early 80s, and this new model might be a modernised reinterpretation of this famous vehicle.

Very few details are known as of now, but it is very likely that this dedicated M car will be electrified in some way, perhaps even a full EV. Its release date isn’t known and it could still be a few years away.

In the mean time, BMW is getting ready to unveil a new SUV on November 29. This vehicle should be a sportier, coupe-like version of the BMW X7, the company’s largest SUV. Following the automaker’s naming logic, this model should be called the X8, but some rumour believe it could be badged as an X8 M due to its sporting pretentions.

This new SUV has been touted as a M flagship with over 700 horsepower, but it is unlikely this is the standalone M model that was referred to before.

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