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News BMW iX M60 is an Electric Crossover With M5 CS-Beating Power

BMW iX M60 is an Electric Crossover With M5 CS-Beating Power

iX M60 is first EV-only BMW M car

  • BMW iX M will have up to 619 hp

  • Offers estimated 575 km range



BMW has given its electric iX crossover its first M version. Calling it “the first BMW M automobile designed for purely electric mobility,” the BMW iX M60 gets M5 CS-level power to go with the near-silent experience and outstanding interior of BMW’s all-EV SUV.

619 hp from its pair of electric motors, along with 811 lb-ft of torque (in launch control), enough to cut more than half a second off of the 0-100 km/h time of the xDrive50. That 3.8-second run continues to a limited speed of 250 km/h and as long as you’re not running that quickly all of the time, BMW says a 566 km WLTP range (or 575 km, BMW has a number of releases with slightly different figures) is possible thanks to the 105.2 kWh (usable) battery.

An M-tuned version of the iX’s air suspension with automatic level control is meant to give the SUV M-levels of driving performance and agility. It also has near-instant actuator-based traction control to help it meter the power to the road through the 21-inch wheels and tires.

Like in the M version of the i4, BMW allows peak power only in short bursts, though they’re more than long and frequent enough for all but track use. The rest of the time the M60 makes 532 hp and 749 lb-ft, with most of the power coming from the rear.

Inside is largely standard iX with its wide curved display and lack of buttons (and loads of crystal controls), but helping to mark the M60 inside and out BMW has gone with loads of gold trim. The fake grille and badges get the gold treatment, as does much of the interior.

Market launch of the BMW iX M60 happens in June, expect pricing for the US and Canada nearer that date.



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