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News BMW iX Moose Test: Worse Than the IONIQ 5, Better Than the...

BMW iX Moose Test: Worse Than the IONIQ 5, Better Than the ID.4

The BMW iX scored placed in the middle of the electric SUV pack in the moose test

  • The BMW iX passed the test at 74 km/h

  • The fastest electric SUV in this test is the Tesla Model Y, with a speed of 83 km/h

  • This performance places the iX in the middle of the electric SUV pack

The moose test is a high-speed obstacle avoidance test that determines the fastest speed at which a vehicle can perform two aggressive lane changes back-to-back, simulating a car avoiding a moose and returning in its lane as quicky as possible.

The Spanish website tests most new vehicles in this manner and the latest in line is the BMW iX, the brand’s first electric SUV.

The best attempt made by the iX xDrive40 with its regenerative braking system in standard mode clocked an entry speed of 74 km/h, which places it close to the middle of the electric SUV crop in terms of high-speed manoeuvrability.

This is a bit disappointing since BMW is usually known for the handling and the performances of its vehicles.

In the same test, the Hyundai IONIQ 5, which doesn’t have the sporting pretentions carried by the BMW name, managed to enter the course at 80 km/h and the related Kia EV6 made it at 78 km/h. The best performance it this segment however was made by the Tesla Model Y, which completed the course after entering at an impressive 83 km/h.

On the other hand, the BMW’s performance is better than a couple of other EVs, such as the Volkswagen ID.4, which managed only 73 km/h and the Ford Mustang Mach-E, which hit cones at any speed above 71 km/h.

Of course, this test doesn’t necessarily reflect the regular handling and the driving feel of the vehicles, but it is relevant since it allows an easy comparison of how each car will react in an emergency situation.

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