Monday, June 5, 2023
News BMW Launches 2024 5 Series With All-Electric i5

BMW Launches 2024 5 Series With All-Electric i5

BMW's midsizer goes electric

  • 5er gets electric model for the first time

  • New sedan is longer, wider than before

The first electric 5 Series is here. BMW has just launched an all-new 5er and there are only two ways to get one in Canada. As the four-cylinder 530i or the all-EV BMW i5.

BMW has made the 2024 5 Series longer as well as wider, though most of the extra length goes into the nose and not the cabin. The car is very long-hood cab-rearward, which certainly helps it stand out in a sea of crossovers and front-drive sedans.

Buyers unhappy with BMW’s latest and biggest grilles should appreciate the new 5. It has a much more conventional nose, a lot like the 3 Series. For the 2024 i5 it is closed in, but still looks very traditional BMW.

Inside, BMW has upgraded the cabin with its curved display screen. The panel holds a 12.3-inch digital dash and a 14.9-inch center screen. The latter runs iDrive 8.5, the latest version of the BMW system that now includes features like video streaming and games you can play using your phone as the controller. Gesture control, missing from the latest 7, is back on the 5 Series options list.

In 530i trim, the 2024 BMW 5 Series has a 2.0L four that makes 255 hp and 295 lb-ft. This is a new engine and it is equipped with 48V mild hybrid tech to help save some fuel.

The 2024 BMW i5 joins the i7 and i4 to give BMW a complete sedan line of EVs. That makes it the first automaker to hit that mark, and it isn’t far off on the SUV side.

Powering the i5 is an 81.2 kWh battery, the same capacity as in the i4, though not the same pack. It can charge at up to 205 kW. More importantly, it delivers 590 hp and 586 lb-ft, which climbs to 605 and 610 when boost mode is engaged. BMW expects 412 km of range and 3.8 seconds to 100 km/h, though not at the same time.

U.S. buyers will be able to get the 530i in rear or all-wheel drive, as well as the 540i xDrive powered by a 375 hp 3.0L inline-six. Shoppers there will also get a rear-drive i5 eDrive40 with 335 hp and 478 km of electric range.

Lastly, BMW has added Highway Assistant, a hands-on driver-assist that can handle most speed and steering duties on the highway. It also comes with eye-activated lane changes (a world-first) where the car will engage suggested lane changes if you look at the appropriate side mirror.

The 2024 BMW 5 Series should hit dealers around the end of the year. Prices start from $70,500 for a 530i xDrive and $95,000 for an i5 M60 in Canada. U.S. prices start from $57,900 for a 530i, $66,800 for an i5 eDrive40, and $84,100 for an i5 M60.


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