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NewsBMW M Reconfigures Lineup: Competition Models to be Base M Offering

BMW M Reconfigures Lineup: Competition Models to be Base M Offering

BMW M is realigning its model offerings, eliminating base M models and establishing Competition, CS, and CSL versions as the primary options.


  • BMW X5 M and X6 M introduced solely as Competition models, signaling a shift in BMW M’s approach.

  • Standard M models to be phased out, with M440i and similar cars bridging the performance gap.

  • New CS and CSL models to cater to enthusiasts seeking extreme performance.


BMW M, the high-performance subsidiary of the German automaker, is undergoing a strategic shift in its model lineup. Recent market offerings, such as the BMW X5 M and X6 M exclusively available as Competition variants, provide a glimpse into the company’s future direction. This move isn’t merely a temporary phase; it represents BMW M’s intention to position the Competition models as the base offering for its performance vehicles.

2024 BMW M3 CS | Photo: BMW

The decision comes in light of the evolving automotive landscape and BMW’s broader lineup. With cars like the M440i serving as a bridge between BMW’s mainstream offerings and the pinnacle of performance, the need for a basic M model diminishes. Frank van Meel, the CEO of BMW M, emphasized this sentiment, stating that the Competition layer introduced previously has essentially become the new norm. As such, differentiation between standard M and M Competition will cease, with all future vehicles aligning with the Competition standard.

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However, this realignment doesn’t spell the end for performance enthusiasts craving more. BMW M plans to introduce CS and CSL variants, offering heightened performance capabilities. These models aim to cater to those seeking track-ready vehicles with everyday usability.

2021 BMW M5 Competition | Photo: Olivier Delorme

It remains to be seen how this strategic shift will influence the pricing structure of BMW M vehicles. Given the upscaling of base models to Competition status, a potential rise in starting prices for the brand’s entry-level performance cars is conceivable.


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