Monday, July 4, 2022
News BMW M4 CSL is 240 lbs Lighter, 40 Horses More Powerful, 100...

BMW M4 CSL is 240 lbs Lighter, 40 Horses More Powerful, 100 Percent More Exclusive

Lighter, faster BMW M4

  • Just 1,000 M4 CSL models for the world

  • BMW uses legendary badge for the 3rd time

For just the third time ever, BMW has slapped the CSL badge on the boot lid of one of its cars. The BMW M4 CSL trims nearly 240 pounds from a standard M4 while adding 40 horsepower to make this an M4 that will go down as legend.

We want to get one thing clear off the bat. BMW has gone to great lengths to make this “Competition, Sport, Lightweight” model all of those things. M Carbon bucket seats, for example, cut around 50 lbs. Another 45 or so were cut by throwing the rear seat and its belts into the dumpster. Less sound deadening took 33 kilos off of the car and using a roof, hood, and trunk lid all made from carbon fibre trim even more. BMW even adds up grams shaved from new kidney grilles, floor mats, and dropping automatic climate control.

Despite all that, this is a hefty beast.

3,639 lbs in total. Or almost 600 lbs heavier than the last time BMW used the CSL badge, on the back of a 2004 model.

It’s ok, though, BMW has added more power, too. Starting with the turbocharged 3.0L inline-six from the M4 Competition, BMW M has fitted a new cylinder head with 3D printed core. It lets the inside be more complex than with conventional casting techniques. A new titanium exhaust system also helps the engine flow more air. Then BMW took the old-fashioned route to power and cranked up the boost. From 24.7 psi to 30.5, for the new total of 453 hp. Peak torque is 479 lb-ft, with the peak flat from 2,750 rpm to just shy of 5,000.

Stiffer engine and transmission mounts are meant to help link the driver more closely to car and road. The chassis has been stiffened and it has re-tuned adaptive dampers. The car is 7.6 mm lower than the Competition, and ball joints replace rubber mounting bushings for more rigidity.

M Carbon brakes are standard and the car has full carbon M bucket seats. Of course, you can option up power-adjust and heated seats if you want, but that’s not exactly in the spirit of this car, is it?

It will come only with an eight-speed automatic, but the car will also only come with rear-wheel drive.

One last weight-saving measure? It’ll only hold 59 litres of gas. So you might need to bring a few cans with you if you want to take it on a track day. It’s the fastest production BMW around the Nurburgring, and it might also be the fastest to drain the tank.

BMW is making 1,000 copies of the M4 CSL for the world. 41 of those will come to Canada, from $166,500.



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