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NewsBMW Plans to Offer Gasoline Engines Until At Least 2030

BMW Plans to Offer Gasoline Engines Until At Least 2030

BMW believes in keeping the internal combustion engine around for a while longer

  • BMW’s development chief confirmed the company’s intention to continue sales of gasoline powered models as well as introducing electric models

  • BMW will work to make its engines Euro 7 compliant

  • The modernised engines could be BMW’s last internal combustion units, but the company intends to use them until 2030, at the very least.

Despite the current race towards electrification and the recent lawsuit against the company in Germany, BMW seems intent to continue production of internal combustion engine until 2030, “at the very least”, according to Frank Weber, Development Chief.

BMW will update its existing gasoline and diesel engines to allow them to comply to the Euro 7 anti-pollution norm which could become effective in 2025 and force many automakers to abandon some, if not all of their engines.

The company believes many customers are not ready to buy an electric car yet and that most countries’ power grids need to be adapted in order to make a mass transition towards electric mobility viable.

This will probably be the last big investment BMW will make towards internal combustion engines, but it could allow the automaker to use these powertrains until at least 2030, and possibly beyond, since the company didn’t specify a phasing out date for them, unlike many other car companies.

Indeed, Mercedes-Benz has set 2030 as the last year in which it will sell fuel burning vehicles while Audi will stop development of fossil fueled cars after 2026.

Nevertheless, BMW sees the need to develop electric cars and has confirmed it will be introducing other EVs in the future that will be based on a new modular electric platform called Neue Klasse that is being worked on currently.

Source: Automotive News


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