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NewsBMW Reiterates its Support for Hydrogen Vehicles

BMW Reiterates its Support for Hydrogen Vehicles

BMW continues to say that hydrogen is a viable source of power for vehicles.

  • The company’s CEO believes hydrogen is the only raw material that can be sustainably produced

  • Hydrogen can be used in fuel cells or combustion engines

  • The lack of filling up infrastructure is the biggest challenge against hydrogen vehicles

Just like almost every other automaker, BMW is working on electric vehicles, but it doesn’t believe they are the only solution for a sustainable future.

Indeed, the German company has been working on hydrogen-powered vehicles for a few years and it has recently announced the production of the iX5, a version of the X5 that will use a hydrogen fuel cell instead of an engine or a battery.

In a recent conference, BMW’s CEO said that he believes hydrogen is a viable alternative to gasoline and he also said that he thinks the proposed European ban on new combustion-powered vehicle sales in 2035 is a bad idea.

According to him, hydrogen should not be discounted as a potential energy source for vehicles since he says it is the only raw material that can be created in a sustainable way.

As of now, the biggest challenge preventing the widespread adoption of hydrogen as a power source is the filling up infrastructure, since hydrogen stations are very rare and very costly to build.

According to BMW, this problem could be avoided by simply converting fuel stations to hydrogen stations, a process that could only take about two weeks.

This would be an advantage over electric vehicles because those stations don’t require special connections to the electricity grid and homeowners don’t need to have chargers installed.

Despite being interested in hydrogen power, BMW is also making progress with fully electric vehicles. Indeed, the automaker currently has three electric models on sale in North America and it is working on many more that will join its lineup over the rest of the decade.

Some of these EVs will be built on the Neue Klasse platform, which will reportedly also be used with hydrogen-powered vehicles.

Source: Wirtschafts Woche


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