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BMW Says Electric M Cars will be More Popular than Gasoline or Hybrid Models by 2028

BMW's M division belives electric vehicles will make up the bulk of its business as soon as 2028.

  • Combustion engines could account for only 10% of M sales in 2030.

  • BMW aims to have a quarter of its sales be EVs by 2025 and a third by 2026.

  • The upcoming Neue Klasse will be at the forefront of this strategy.

Despite not having set a date for the abandonment of the combustion engine in its lineup, BMW is committed to making more and more of its sales be electric vehicles in the coming years, even for its M performance division.

Indeed, the automaker’s M wing says it expects its EVs to become more popular than both gasoline and hybrid models starting in 2028, with non-electrified models only accounting for 10% of sales two years later.

This follows the rest of the company’s goals for electrification since BMW as a whole wants to have a quarter of its sales be electric vehicles by 2025 and a third by 2026.

The arrival of the Neue Klasse platform in 2025 will help the automaker achieve this in addition to its other goal of shifting 10 million EVs by the end of the decade.

This new platform will add new fully electric models to both the regular BMW and the sportier M lineup, the latter of which currently only offers the i4 M50 and the iX M60.

These two models will soon be joined by the i7 M70, a more powerful version of the company’s electric flagship, as well as a new performance model which will use a quad-motor powertrain that is currently being tested on modified i4 testbeds.

BMW also believes that improvements in the charging network will continue to make electric vehicles more and more popular over the years while better access to raw materials will allow higher production rates.

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