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NewsBMW Says No to Pickups, Maybe to Rugged SUVs

BMW Says No to Pickups, Maybe to Rugged SUVs

BMW is considering a rugged off-roader to compete with models such as the Defender and the new Land Cruiser.

  • The company has teased pickup trucks before, but now says it won’t build one.

  • Due to the recent refresh of rugged SUVs such as the Lexus GX and Toyota Land Cruiser, BMW says it could make one of its own.

  • Such a model could be based on the existing X3 or X5 SUVs.

With the popularity of rugged SUVs such as the Land Rover Defender and the recent refresh of the Lexus GX and Toyota Land Cruiser, other automakers are looking at this segment for future products.

One of these companies is BMW, who is reportedly open to the idea of making a more rugged SUV to go along with its lineup of sporty crossovers.

In an interview with BMW Blog, Bernd Körber, the senior vice president of the BMW brand and product management said that the automaker recognizes the growing demand for more capable SUVs in global markets around the world.

Nothing has been revealed as far as specifications or in-depth details about possible future BMW off-roaders, there are a few ways the company could go about this project.

2024 BMW X5 M Competition X6 M Competition | Photo: BMW

Indeed, BMW could create a brand-new model from a clean sheet, but it is much more likely to adapt one of its current SUVs, some of which are already fairly capable.

This could either mean a lifted suspension, all-terrain tires, underbody protection plates, and additional plastic cladding on a normal production SUV, or a more involved package that would be a stand-alone model that could share most of its mechanical elements with other BMW products, except for the addition of more durable suspension components and locking differentials.

To compete with some of the most popular rugged SUVs on the market, a future BMW off-roader could be based on the X3 or X5 SUVs.

Interestingly, BMW has teased possible pickup trucks a few times before, but now says it won’t build one because they don’t suit the brand, even if pickup trucks are gaining in popularity, especially when equipped with an electric drivetrain.

If the German automaker decides to go ahead with this off-roader project, more details should surface in the coming months.

Source: Carscoops


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