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NewsBMW shows Neue Klasse X Concept; brings back the Slim Kidneys

BMW shows Neue Klasse X Concept; brings back the Slim Kidneys

  • The concept give a good idea of what to expect from the brand’s future EV models.

  • The Neue Klasse X concept is based on the sixth generation of the eDrive platform.


Following on from the Neue Klasse sedan (revealed in 2023) comes the Neue Klasse X, a conceptual electric crossover that heralds what to expect in terms of design and on-board technology from the Bavarian brand’s next generation of electric vehicles.

And we can’t say that BMW has missed the mark with this beautifully designed crossover. At first glance, it’s the return of the slimmed-down “kidneys” in the center of the bumper that catches the eye. This false double grille adds a touch of nostalgia to this knife-edge silhouette. The headlamps are very similar to those of the sedan from which it is derived.

In this case, the concept adopts a sleek crossover design with its huge alloy wheels and domed fenders. It also boasts generous windows, a formula established by the iX. At the rear, the two long LED taillights monopolize the signature look. BMW has already confirmed the start of production at its Debrecen plant in Hungary, starting in 2025. Expect this one to be a 2026 model.

The concept vehicle is based on the sixth generation of the eDrive platform. This includes new motors and batteries with a 20% higher volumetric energy density. The vehicle is equipped with an 800-volt system, which guarantees 30% faster charging times, according to the manufacturer. BMW also promises a 30% increase in range, while the drag coefficient is reduced by 20%. Finally, specific tires and a braking system optimized for electric vehicles improve fuel efficiency by 25%.

Inside, the concept reveals an evolution of the dashboard found on the automaker’s latest models. The large panel that groups together a pair of screens is replaced in this case by a trapezoid-shaped central touchscreen, which even displays the driver’s preferred functions and applications on a digital strip at the base of the windscreen – a 3D evolution of the head-up display. At the touch of an icon followed by an upward slide, the user can select his or her preferences.

BMW also adds a touch of customization with its HYPERSONX wheel. This is located within the touchscreen and allows the user to change the type of “artificial” sound the vehicle emits while driving. All the driver has to do is point his finger at the touchscreen and find the position that suits him best. As a “zero-emission” utility vehicle, the Neue Klasse X concept is clad in materials developed from plants and recycled materials, a solution increasingly in vogue in the industry.

What’s clear is that this concept gives a very good idea of what’s in store for electromobilists looking in the BMW lineup for electrified products.


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