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NewsBMW Teaches Real Life Transporters How to Drive Under Fire

BMW Teaches Real Life Transporters How to Drive Under Fire

BMW sells armoured cars and trains drivers to handle them

  • Advanced evasion training includes real pyrotechnics

  • Actual crashes are part of the education program

Live out your Transporter dreams looking more like Jason Statham than Ed Skrein. BMW will teach you (or more likely your driver) how to handle emergency situations like a pro with its hyper-realistic training center meant for drivers of its armoured vehicles.

BMW offers a range of vehicles for high-security targets. It has Protection models of both the i7 and 7 Series sedans, and there’s a BMW X5 Protection VR6 that can stop incoming rounds from an AK-47. But all of that protection is useless if your driver doesn’t know how to handle their heavy rig or freezes up when things go south.

Driving fast is a skill that’s “easy” to learn. Just ask anyone on your nearest highway, they’ll be happy to tell you how great they are. But driving fast in a protection role means you have to actually be good. And you have to be ready for almost anything.

BMW’s training center near Berlin is set up on a former military airfield. Local authorities use the same site to train their own drivers. In 2002, it was converted into a state-of-the-art driver training center and is now the home to BMW Security Vehicle Training.

Day one of the course teaches professional security drivers how to handle their heavy machines. Emergency braking and evasive maneuvers in a vehicle that weighs a couple of tons more than stock. Day two has advanced driving techniques like J-turns, anticipatory driving, and how to maintain overview.

But the real fun happens in Level 2. That three-day course adds pyrotechnics, real explosions, night-time ambushes, and crashes in which your vehicle sustains real damage and you need to keep going. X5 models are used for off-road driving education when you need to go off the pavement to get away.

If you want to level up your driving skills, there’s no better way to do it than under fire. Without the risk of actually getting your butt shot off.



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