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NewsBMW to Introduce the 2024 iX2 in Fortnite

BMW to Introduce the 2024 iX2 in Fortnite

BMW launches the first-ever Car Creator in the Fortnite universe, allowing players to customize the new BMW iX2 within the virtual city “Hypnopolis.”


  • BMW unveils “Hypnopolis”, a virtual city within Fortnite showcasing the brand’s innovative and sustainable vision.

  • The Car Creator, a unique in-game experience, lets players design the BMW iX2 based on individual preferences.


BMW has pioneered a novel digital experience in the gaming universe by introducing the first Car Creator within Fortnite, a popular online video game developed by Epic Games. This innovative feature is set against the backdrop of “Hypnopolis”, a visionary virtual city designed by BMW. Representing BMW’s forward-thinking and sustainable ideology, this city seamlessly integrates iconic BMW landmarks among its modern skyscrapers, floating bridges, and lush green spaces.

2024 BMW iX2 Fortnite | Photo : BMW

Central to the “Hypnopolis” experience is the Car Creator, situated beneath the double cone in BMW Welt. By completing various challenges, players can unlock this feature, which is a first in the Fortnite world. This interactive tool grants gamers the opportunity to design the upcoming BMW iX2 to their liking. Initially, at the “Hypnopolis” debut on October 4, 2023, the BMW iX2 will be presented in a prototype form, offering players a select range of design options. However, a week later, on October 11, 2023, a comprehensive set of design choices, including standard paint finishes and interior options, will become accessible within the Car Creator.

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Stefan Ponikva, Vice President of BMW Brand Communication and Brand Experience, emphasizes the brand’s commitment to engaging with the Next Gen audience and enhancing the digital brand experience. By integrating such digital features in a well-loved gaming platform, BMW offers an interactive and personalized brand experience to its audience.


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