Wednesday, February 1, 2023
News BMW to Remove More Features Due to the Chip Shortage

BMW to Remove More Features Due to the Chip Shortage

BMW will remove Apple Car Play and Android Auto from some of its models due to the chip shortage.

  • New BMW models might not have Apple Car Play and Android Auto

  • This is due to a change in Chip suppliers

  • According to the automaker, an over-the-air update will add the missing features later

BMW has just announced that it will again remove some features from its cars due to the semi-conductor shortage. This time, its Apple Car Play and Android Auto which will be omitted.

This is due to BMW having to change suppliers for its electronic chips in order to keep production going. The new components do not currently support these two connectivity features and they apparently don’t have WiFi capabilities.

Since Apple Car Play and Android Auto are both very important features for most car buyers, BMW hopes to have this problem sorted soon.

The good news however is that BMW says the cars lacking these two systems will be retrofitted via an over-the-air update before the end of June.

This means that the problem is caused by software and not the actual components, since owners won’t even have to visit their BMW dealer to receive the features they are missing.

This is not the first time the automaker has removed features and equipment from its cars, since many BMW vehicles built since late last year have to make do without the touchscreen capability for their infotainment system.

This might not be the last time such measures have to be employed since BMW itself predicted that the supply crisis could last into 2023 when asked about it late last year.

Something else that might last for a long time is the inflated vehicle prices that have resulted from a lack of vehicles to sell. Many suspect that automakers will want to increase their profits by keeping the prices at the same level once the industry returns to normal.

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