Thursday, December 1, 2022
News BMW Trademarks More Names for Electric SUVs

BMW Trademarks More Names for Electric SUVs

BMW trademarked four new names for its upcoming electric SUVs.

  • The automaker’s naming strategy calls for electric SUVs and crossovers to be called iX followed by a number

  • Recent filings show the company now has the rights for all combinations from iX1 to iX9

  • This doesn’t necessarily mean that all of these names will actually be used

BMW has recently filed trademarks for the names iX6, iX7, iX8, and iX9 with the German Patent and Trademark Office.

This means that the automaker is likely looking to increase its offering of electric SUVs in the coming years.

These new names, unveiled by Carbuzz, join iX1, iX2, iX3, iX4, and iX5 in the company’s ownership, which also suggests that BMW might be trying to prevent other companies from using names that are too similar to its own.

Out of all of these monikers, only the iX1, iX3, and the iX5 have now been revealed, with the iX1 being the entry-level model, the iX3 being an electric version of the X3 that will only be sold in China and the iX5 being a version of the X5 which is powered by hydrogen.

Following the company’s usual naming convention means that the iX6 and the iX8 could be coupe SUV versions of the iX5 and iX7 respectively.

The iX7 has been the subject of rumours since a large three-row SUV is currently missing from the automaker’s offering.

The iX9 should normally be an even larger and more luxurious model than the iX7, but there are apparently no plans for such a vehicle in the BMW lineup as of now.

All of these new vehicles will join the i4 and the iX over the current decade as BMW wants to boost its EV sales to about half of its total deliveries by 2030.

In addition, a number of electric sedans and hatchbacks will complete the company’s offerings around the world, with different trademarks protecting the use of names ranging from i1 to at least i7.

Source: Carbuzz

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