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NewsBMW’s Super Bowl Ad has Electric Star Power

BMW’s Super Bowl Ad has Electric Star Power

Zeus gets bored as a retiree, so Hera gets him a new BMW iX and he’s immediately recharged

  • It stars Arnold Schwarzenegger and Salma Hayek Pinault as Zeus and Hera.

  • Also, there’s a new BMW iX.

  • This is the full one-minute ad.

The Super Bowl is, for American football fans, a religion. For others, it’s an opportunity for companies of all types to showcase their latest products. Historically, automakers have come out swinging with great commercials, and this year’s looking good thanks to BMW.

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The one-minute spot introduces Schwarzenegger as Zeus retiring to Palm Springs. Not all goes as planned and frustration sets in and his spark begins to dim. His wife Hera, portrayed by Salma Hayek Pinault, sees that Zeus needs a pick-me-up so gets him a new vehicle.

The vehicle in question is BMW’s all-new all-electric iX SUV. Immediately, Zeus perks up when he learns that the SUV before him is electric. The couple then heads off for a drive while Eddy Grant’s “Electric Avenue” plays.

Automotive News reports that BMW was looking to create a “little bit of a Hollywood movie told in one minute” with “a compelling story that makes sense, that is also providing a little bit sense of humor, but is also not too complicated to be told in one minute,” said Uwe Dreher, BMW’s vice president of marketing for North America. “We also wanted something that is not too far away from the centerpiece of the ad in the end which is the car. We needed something that has this electrifying theme.”

The spot is entertaining, to say the least. The 2023 BMW iX arrives in US showrooms next month.


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