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NewsBollinger and Roush Team Up to Build Commercial Electric Vehicles

Bollinger and Roush Team Up to Build Commercial Electric Vehicles

Bollinger abandonned its plans to build trucks and SUVs, it will help Roush build commercial EVs instead.

New electric and commercial niche player Bollinger Motors announced earlier this week an agreement with Roush Industries, a tuner already known for its highly modified vehicles, but also for its racing expertise.

The agreement calls for the construction of Class 3 through Class 6 commercial vehicles. All of these vehicles will be purely electric, Bollinger, which canceled plans to market its B2 pickup truck and B1 utility vehicle earlier this winter.

To pursue the dream of breaking into the lucrative electric commercial vehicle market in North America, Bollinger Motors will turn over the assembly of this fleet of electric vehicles to Roush Industries at its Livonia, Michigan plant. Bollinger Motors will be responsible for shipping all components required for the production of these future vehicles to the Roush plant, which is not far from Bollinger Motors’ engineering center.

This agreement will allow for the assembly of a multitude of commercial vehicles, including chassis-mounted cabs, a type of vehicle that allows the owner to put almost anything behind the cab, such as an RV or a dump truck. In short, the possibilities are great with this type of configuration.

For the moment, the two parties have not provided any details about the rates for this fleet of commercial vehicles, nor even about the short- or long-term schedule.

Bollinger, thanks to this agreement, could carve out a nice piece of the commercial market pie. Already, Ford with its e-Transit, Rivian with its commercial van, GM with its Brightdrop division, Stellantis with its electric Ram ProMaster, are already busy ramping up production of their future commercial vehicles, some of which are already on the roads of the continent.

It will be interesting to see if Bollinger Motors can finally break into the market with this new deal with an already industry-recognized Roush division.


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