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News Bosch Help Connect Sends Emergency SOS After Motorcycle Crash

Bosch Help Connect Sends Emergency SOS After Motorcycle Crash

Help Connect is like Onstar, but for your motorcycle

  • Bosch wants to help send immediate help to motorcycle accident victims

  • Help Connect described as digital guardian angel

Bosch is hoping to revolutionize motorcycle safety by introducing the first emergency response system designed for bikes.

Called Help Connect, the system acts like classic ERS systems found in most new cars. Think OnStar for motorcycles and you will have a good understanding of the new Bosch Help Connect system.

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Bosch calls its system a “digital guardian angel”. The technology uses a smartphone app and the rider’s cellphone to connect to emergency services if a crash or “disturbance” is detected. The system uses the motorcycle’s inertial sensor unit to detect a collision as well as the bike falling over.

That said, the sensor measures a range of other variables such as accelerating and angular velocity to ensure it only rings 911 when an actual crash has occurred. The sensor scans these variables over 100 times per second.

If an accident does happen, Help Connect sends the info to the Bosch Service Centre and then to emergency responders. The rider can be located through their phone’s GPS system if the victim is unable to answer.

Like with automotive emergency response systems, the response time for a motorcycle crash could be cut in half with Bosch’s new system.

For now, the system is only available in 11 countries in Europe. Here’s hoping it comes to North America because it could be a real game changer.

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