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NewsBoth Rivian Models Get More Range via an Update

Both Rivian Models Get More Range via an Update

Rivian made some changes to the range estimates of both of its models and its ordering process for accessories.

  • A new update added 14 miles (22 kilometres) of range to the R1T and 5 miles (8 kilometres) to the R1S.

  • This range boost is also due to changes in the testing method.

  • Range estimates for the dual motor powertrain have been removed from the website.

Rivian recently released a new over-the-air update to its R1T and R1S models that has increased their range in certain configurations.

Combined with revisions in the testing method employed by Rivian for models equipped with 19-inch or 22-inch wheels, this has bumped the range estimate for the R1T up to 328 miles (527 kilometres) and up to 321 miles (516 kilometres) for the R1S.

This is interesting because the R1S SUV used to have a slightly longer range than the R1T pickup, but this is not the case anymore.

According to Rivian, the latest update contained changes that have improved the efficiency of the quad motor powertrain that drives these models.

The company is also working on a dual-motor powertrain that is unlikely to have been affected by this update, but this doesn’t mean that its range won’t be extended as well.

Indeed, the estimates for models that use the dual motor setup have been removed from the company’s website, which suggests they will be modified soon.

Before being taken down, these estimates read “320+ miles” (515 kilometres) for both models, meaning that the production versions should have a similar range to the quad motor setup.

Rivian also changed its order procedure since most accessories have now been made available through the Gear Shop instead of being included from the factory.

This means that owners who have bought items such as a full-size spare tire, rubber floor mats, or roof bars and haven’t received their vehicle yet have seen these items taken off of their order list.

Source: Electrek


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