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News Bugatti Baby II is a $90K, 70 km/h Electric Car For Kids?

Bugatti Baby II is a $90K, 70 km/h Electric Car For Kids?

The first high-performance electric Buggati, and it's for kids?

  • First Bugatti Baby was a pedal car for Ettore’s Son

  • Modern Baby II is faster and more powerful, but will it be as collectible?

Bugatti’s latest model is one of the most expensive in its class, and by far the fastest boasting a “speed key” to let it hit the real top end. While those facts aren’t surprising this one might be: This Bugatti is electric. And it’s built for kids, or at least those who are still kids at heart.

It’s a scale model Type 35 with a carbon body, a bigger battery than loads of hybrid cars, and that can go quickly enough to get you a ticket.

Fully Electric Bugatti Chiron by 2024

The original Bugatti Baby was built by Ettore Bugatti himself for his youngest son. Roland got a half-scale version of the Type 35 that made Bugatti famous, pedal-powered for his fourth birthday. It was so popular with customers that they built them for nearly 10 years, with the 500 or so made extremely popular today with collectors.

For 2020, the Bugatti Baby II is larger. A 3/4-scale model designed to fit ages 14 and up. And you wouldn’t want to give this one to a four-year-old, because even the Base model gets a composite body, 1.4 kWh battery pack (more than a Prius) paired with a 5.4 hp motor, and a top speed of 45 km/h in Expert mode. Novice mode slashes power and keeps it to 20.

Bugatti Baby II EV
Bugatti Baby II EV | Photo: Bugatti

That’s just the start of the party, though. The Vitesse model is carbon-bodied with a 2.8 kWh battery. Use the speed key (just like a real Chiron) and it makes 13.4 hp letting the 230 kg car hit 70 km/h. At the top of the shelf, the Pur Sang, aimed at collectors Bugatti says, boasts a hand-crafted aluminum skin that takes more than 200 hours to form. That one has the same top speed and performance as the Vitesse.

While none of these are likely to get driven, that’s a shame. Because they also all have a limited-slip differential and Michelin tires. Plus with that much battery, they’ve got a 50 km range (if you keep the speeds down).

Bugatti Baby II EV
Bugatti Baby II EV | Photo: Bugatti

The car’s an exact copy of a real Type 35, including the suspension geometry (but not the engine). Bug test driver Andy Wallace helped develop it. If you want one, good luck getting in line for one of the 500. If you do prices range from €30,000 for base to €58,500 for the Pur Sang (roughly $50,000 to $100,000 in Canada or $38,000 to $74,000 in the US). Go, Bugatti Baby II, go!

Bugatti Baby II EV
Bugatti Baby II EV | Photo: Bugatti

Bugatti Baby II EV
Bugatti Baby II EV | Photo: Bugatti

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