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News Bugatti Chiron Profilee: A One-Off That is Going Up for Auction

Bugatti Chiron Profilee: A One-Off That is Going Up for Auction

The most special Chiron ever

  • Bugatti ran out of cars to build before Profilee reached production

  • Just one built, will be sold at auction

The last Bugatti Chiron. It’s actually a bit of an oversight on the part of the automaker. A model that it build and intended to sell, but then ran out of available cars to build it. It’s called the Chiron Profilée, and whoever gets it will have one heck of a story.

Bugatti’s idea behind the Profilée was a car with the dynamics of the Pur Sport with the visuals of more pedestrian Chiron models. Apparently, this is something customers asked for, though we’re not sure why.

So Bugatti started with the magnesium wheels, shorter gear ratios, and the other bits that made the Pur Sport the most track-focused of the Chiron models including the 1,479 hp version of the W16 engine. Then the automaker ditched parts like the massive rear wing.

Instead of that big wing, the Profilée has a smaller sweeping fixed tail. It delivers less downforce but helps increase the top speed from 350 km/h to 380. The tail helps pull hot air out of the engine bay as well, while larger grille openings in the front do their part for cooling and aero balance.

The Argent Atlantique paint is unique to this one-off, with the lower part exposed carbon fibre tinted in blue. The wheels are Profilée-only as well, and it becomes the first Chiron fitted with a woven leather on the dash, door panels, and center console.

So what happened? Bugatti had just 500 build slots for the Chiron, and before this one could be readied to go, they all filled up. Instead of asking existing orders if they wanted to switch, Bugatti decided to make it a one-off.

Bugatti says the car has been developed and tested to the same level as its other Chiron models, but this one will be sold using a European single-vehicle approval. So good luck getting it registered over here.

The Bugatti Chiron Profilée, and we mean the, will be sold at auction. RM Sotheby’s will put the car under the gavel in Paris on February 1.


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