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NewsBugatti is Dumping the W16... For a V16 Hybrid!

Bugatti is Dumping the W16… For a V16 Hybrid!

Bugatti keeps all the pistons

  • Bugatti will keep its cylinders intact

  • The automaker says a V12 like the other guys just isn’t enough

The signature of the reborn Bugatti brand in the last two decades has been its thunderous and oddball 8.0L W16 engine. But though it made more horsepower than a fleet of Corollas, Bugatti announced in 2021 that the W16 would not live for long. We feared the worst, a pedestrian V8 or something equally dull. We’re getting something even better: A brand new V16.

“If it is comparable, it is no longer Bugatti,” the company said. And while there are plenty of V8 and V12 engines on the market, nobody else is building a V16. So that’s what the company is doing.

Bugatti is saying almost nothing about the new engine, other than that we’ll get a more complete look at it in June. We can tell you that it will almost certainly make less than the 1,825 hp of the most powerful variant of the W16.

It might make less power, but the total output will likely be greater. Because the next generation of Bugatti will have a hybrid system packed in along with the extra-long V16 engine in the new car’s bay.

Bugatti’s first hybrid could be quite impressive. The company is now part of electric hypercar company Rimac. Rimac is best known for its Nevera, a fully electric model that makes just shy of 2,000 hp from its four electric motors.



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