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NewsBugatti Presents Exclusive Chiron Super Sport "Golden Era"

Bugatti Presents Exclusive Chiron Super Sport “Golden Era”

Bugatti’s extraordinary Chiron Super Sport “Golden Era” showcases hand-drawn renditions of timeless Bugatti models, commemorating the brand’s storied legacy.


  • Bugatti reveals the Chiron Super Sport “Golden Era,” a bespoke model with hand-drawn sketches of legendary Bugatti cars.

  • The car pays homage to Bugatti’s legacy as it transitions from the W-16 engine era to an electrified future.

  • Meticulously crafted sketches adorn the exterior and interior.


Bugatti has introduced a truly exceptional creation, the singular Chiron Super Sport “Golden Era,” which honors the brand’s rich past. This distinct Chiron Super Sport pays homage to Bugatti’s iconic history through meticulously crafted hand-drawn and hand-painted representations of its most legendary vehicles.

Bugatti Chiron Golden Era | Photo : Bugatti

Named the “Golden Era,” this exceptional Chiron Super Sport celebrates Bugatti’s most significant achievements as the brand transitions to a new electrified era under the guidance of new parent company Rimac, marking the end of the W-16 engine era. The intricate design process was undertaken by Bugatti’s Sur Mesure division, known for its imaginative and extravagant customization endeavors.

Bugatti Chiron Golden Era | Photo : Bugatti

Built upon the formidable Chiron Super Sport foundation, the “Golden Era” version houses a 1578-horsepower iteration of the quad-turbocharged 8.0-liter W-16 engine. This model features the notable elongated carbon-fiber bodywork inspired by the 300-mph Super Sport 300+.

Bugatti Chiron Golden Era | Photo : Bugatti

The standout feature of the “Golden Era” resides in its painstakingly detailed hand-drawn sketches adorning the car’s sides. These sketches capture the essence of legendary Bugatti models spanning various eras, including the Type 41 Royale, Type 57 SC Atlantic, EB110, Veyron, Chiron, and more. The intricate artistry involved utilizing specialized pens, typically reserved for paper sketching, with over 400 hours dedicated to crafting the intricate visuals on the car’s surface.

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The interior of the Chiron Super Sport “Golden Era” continues the tribute to Bugatti’s legacy, showcasing leather door panels adorned with hand-painted illustrations of iconic Bugatti vehicles. The driver’s side showcases contemporary Bugatti hypercars like the EB110, Veyron, and Chiron, while the passenger’s side highlights pre-war classics such as the Type 35, Type 57SC Atlantic, and Type 41 Royale.

Bugatti Chiron Golden Era | Photo : Bugatti

While Bugatti has not disclosed the precise pricing of the “Golden Era,” it undoubtedly carries a premium above the Chiron Super Sport’s approximate $4 million price tag. The fortunate owner of this masterpiece will take possession during Monterey Car Week. Whether displayed in a museum or roaring down the streets, the Bugatti Chiron Super Sport “Golden Era” stands as a remarkable testament to the brand’s enduring legacy and forward-looking innovation.

Bugatti Chiron Golden Era | Photo : Bugatti
Bugatti Chiron Golden Era | Photo : Bugatti
Bugatti Chiron Golden Era | Photo : Bugatti
Bugatti Chiron Golden Era | Photo : Bugatti



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