Monday, December 5, 2022
News Buick is Working on Two EVs and a new Generation of the...

Buick is Working on Two EVs and a new Generation of the Enclave

Buick is working on three models, two of which are electric

  • The two EVs will be crossovers, one possibly based on the Cadillac Lyriq and a smaller one

  • The next generation of the Enclave should arrive in 2024

  • The largest of the two EVs is expected for 2023 under the name Electra

General Motors has a plan to introduce many new electric vehicles to the market in the current decade and Buick is part of it.

Despite being generally quiet about its future plans, Buick revealed it is working on two electric SUVs and a new generation of the Enclave, its largest SUV.

One of the two EVs will possibly be based on the Cadillac Lyriq and it should launch around 2023, most likely under the Electra nameplate which was recently trademarked by the brand, 31 years after it was abandoned. This vehicle is already confirmed for production in Wuhan, China, where Buick has enjoyed a massive success for many years. North American production could be added for vehicles sold on our market, but this is only speculation.

The other electric SUV will be smaller and it could replace the Encore in the company’s lineup, since production of the subcompact SUV is set to end in 2023. This smaller EV should be based on a comparable small Chevrolet electric crossover that is also currently being developed. This model is not expected until later in the decade. The Chevrolet version will be manufactured in Mexico, so it would make sense for the Buick to be made there as well.

Buick is still not done with gasoline powered models however, since the next generation of the Enclave that is planned for 2024 will continue to feature an internal combustion engine. This model is the brand’s largest SUV. The new model will continue to be based on the C1 platform that is under the current version and it should be on sale until about 2030.

The brand’s two other models, the Envision and the Encore GX, are not expected to receive major changes soon, since the Encore GX is a new model that was introduced in 2019 and the Envision was totally reworked for 2021.

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