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Buick Shows the Wildcat Concept, a 2+2 EV Coupe that Previews the Brand’s New Design Language

Buick showed a 2+2 EV concept that is said to showcase the brand's new styling direction.

  • This is the first non-SUV to wear the Buick name for about two years

  • The concept shows a new styling direction for the brand and it could preview a sportier model aimed at a new set of buyers

  • Buick will sell its first EVs, all named Electra, in 2024

In addition to showcasing its new logo and brand identity, Buick unveiled the Wildcat Concept today.

This electric 2+2 coupe is a substantial departure from the models Buick has been making in recent years due to its sporty looks and the fact that it isn’t an SUV.

This model is not only the first non-SUV vehicle to be made by the company since 2020 when the Regal liftback sedan was discontinued, but it is also the first two-door Buick model since the Riviera went away after the 1999 model year.

Buick Wildcat EV concept | Photo: Buick

Since it is only a concept, a two-door Buick might not be sold to the general public anytime soon, but the brand’s executives have said that it previews the design language that will be used on the upcoming Electra EVs that will arrive starting in 2024.

If Buick does decide to make this model into a production vehicle, it could be used as a sort of halo car to generate interest in the brand as a whole, like what Cadillac wants to do with the Celestiq and somewhat like the original Riviera of the 60s.

Buick Wildcat EV concept | Photo: Buick

Since it has been said to showcase the brand’s future design, it is not surprising to see the Wildcat Concept equipped with curved LED headlamps similar to those that have been seen on the other Buick EV concepts.

Also like the other concepts recently teased by the automaker, the Wildcat Concept is equipped with digital side-view mirrors that are made of a very thin protrusion on the outside and a small screen placed on the interior door panel.

Buick Wildcat EV concept | Photo: Buick

At the rear, the pear-shaped proportions, the rear glass that extends almost to the bumper, and the taillamps that follow the window and then jut out to the side bear resemblance to the long-departed Volvo C30. An interesting detail shown in the pictures is that a portion of the roof lifts up when the door is open, presumably to ease entry and exit.

The interior is very much that of a Concept rather than a production vehicle, but some design cues, such as the large screen that seems to include both the driver information screen and the infotainment display into one unit, could be used in the upcoming Electra EVs.

Buick Wildcat EV concept | Photo: Buick

This concept is the first model to use the new logo Buick unveiled just today but it doesn’t use the new naming convention that will see all of the brand’s EVs called Electra (followed by a number), which means that it will need a new name if it does make it to production.

Buick Wildcat EV concept | Photo: Buick


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