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NewsBuick Teased a New EV Concept for China

Buick Teased a New EV Concept for China

Buick showed two images of an upcoming electric SUV concept for China.

  • The American brand has a strong presence in China, which is by far its largest market

  • The Electra-X concept is an upcoming electric SUV for China, which previews the style of future models we will see here

  • This model will use General Motors’ Ultium platform and Super Cruise driver assistance system

Buick released two new images of an electric SUV concept that will spawn a number of EVs destined for the Chinese market in the next few years.

General Motors is moving quickly towards electrification with Chevrolet and Cadillac, but Buick seems to be a little behind on the action.

Nevertheless, the brand has unveiled a concept called Electra a few months ago and now, new teaser images show another future EV called Electra-X, which could be a sign of things to come from the oldest American car brand still in operation.

Since Buick has enjoyed an impressive success in China over the last two decades, it is no surprise that this concept will be unveiled there in a couple of weeks.

Buick Electra-X Concept | Photo: Buick

The press release that accompanied the images made no mention of a possible presence in North America for the models derived from this concept, but since they are set to use the same Ultium platform that will be used by almost every other electric vehicle from GM, it is possible that we will see them on our continent.

The images show what looks like an SUV which features some design touches similar to the brand’s current offerings, such as the shape of the LED headlamps, and other elements that are new, like the camera side mirrors which look like very small pieces of body coloured plastic that sticks out from the doors.

The concave nature of the front “grille” is also a detail that hasn’t been seen on a Buick model before.

Even if it turns out this particular concept is indeed only aimed at China, its styling will most likely influence the future models that will grace the brand’s North American showrooms in the coming years.


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