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NewsBuick Unveils the Electra E4, a Coupe-Like Ultium SUV for China

Buick Unveils the Electra E4, a Coupe-Like Ultium SUV for China

Buick unveiled a new electric crossover based on the Ultium platform that is destined mainly for China.

  • This model is the second Buick SUV to use Ultium technology in China.

  • The cabin will be packed with technologies such as a 30-inch curved screen and highly-configurable ambient lighting.

  • Pricing in China is expected to sit between CAD $37,500 and $56,000.

Buick has now unveiled its second Ultium-based electric crossover for the Chinese market in the form of the Electra E4.

This coupe-like SUV will sit below the existing Electra E5 in the lineup and it will provide an option for buyers who prioritize a sportier design over optimal practicality.

The Electra E4 features a lower roofline that tapers at the rear in the same fashion as a traditional coupe. While this is likely to have a negative impact on cargo space, it will benefit the drag coefficient, which is said to be as low as 0.287.

Buick Electra E4 2024 | Photo: Buick

This means that despite the Electra E4 being the first Ultium EV to make use of cheaper but less power-dense Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP) batteries, its range might not be that far off from the larger Electra E5.

At the front, the new model is very similar to its larger sibling as well as the rest of the brand’s models that have recently been reworked, notably due to the large and low grille paired with divided headlamps.

As with other Ultium-based electric vehicles from General Motors, the charging port seems to have been integrated into the left front fender, just ahead of the driver’s door.

Buick Electra E4 2024 | Photo: Buick

Official figures regarding the battery’s output or the projected range have yet to be announced, but documents filed with the Chinese government show that the single-motor powertrain will deliver 241 horsepower.

Nothing has been confirmed, but it is possible that the automaker will choose to add a dual motor option later on for drivers who want AWD capabilities or simply an increase in power.

Inside, the Electra E4 is again similar to the Electra E5 and other recent GM EVs since it features a single 30-inch curved display at the top of the instrument panel that integrates both the digital instrument cluster and the infotainment system.

Buick Electra E4 2024 | Photo: Buick

Other features of the Electra E4 include an ambient lighting system that allows the driver to choose between 121 colours and a roof made of low-radiation glass that provides segment-leading UV protection according to the automaker.

As China is a major market for both Buick and electric vehicles in general, it is not surprising that the company choose to launch this model there first.

At the moment, we don’t know if the automaker intends to bring this model to North America at a later date.

Buick Electra E4 2024 | Photo: Buick

The electric crossover is expected to cost between 200,000 and 300,000 yuan in China, which translates to between $37,500 and $56,000 in Canadian dollars.

Source: Carscoops


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