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NewsBull Shift: Lamborghini Updates its Raging Bull for First Time in 20...

Bull Shift: Lamborghini Updates its Raging Bull for First Time in 20 Years

Lambo logos level up

  • New Lambo logo

  • Company updates official branding

The raging bull has a new look. After more than 20 years since its last logo, Lamborghini is tweaking its brand image. But don’t be surprised if you don’t see much of a difference.

As far as we can tell, the difference is that what was a more yellow colour has become a less yellow gold. The logo has had some of its texture removed, too, and there are more void spaces in the bull where before there was an outward-posting 3D look.

Lamborghini, of course, says that there is much more to it. The automaker says that the new logo “better reflects the “brave”, “unexpected”, and “authentic” values of its mission, namely “Driving Humans Beyond.”” So yeah.

The typeface is also different, and the bull will now exist outside of the shield—on digital screens, at least. Before now, the bull had to live in its corral.

There will also be a new Lamborghini typeface for use outside of the logo. It “echoes the unmistakable lines and angularity of the cars.” It will show up in ads, both print and digital, as well as in the cars themselves.

It won’t make the cars go faster or look cooler. But it will satisfy the marketing types at the company. Plus Lambo has a bit of extra cash to throw around after setting its highest profits ever last year on the back of the Urus.


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