Sunday, August 14, 2022
News Business Owners will be able to Charge Users of their Tesla Wall...

Business Owners will be able to Charge Users of their Tesla Wall Connectors

Tesla will now make it possible for owners of multiple wall connectors to charge for their use.

  • Until now, the electricity used by destination chargers was provided by the business that owns the chargers

  • The connectors can charge any electric vehicle, not just Tesla models

  • The Tesla app now allows property owners to set a price per kilowatt/hour for their chargers

Tesla has now made it possible for owners of its destination chargers, also known as wall connectors, to charge money for their use.

This will help incentivize businesses to install public chargers, which will contribute to further the development of the charging infrastructure, which is one of the key elements cited by car buyers as a reason why they won’t choose an Electric vehicle.

By using the Tesla app, property owners who have installed wall connectors equipped with a WiFi or cellular connection will be able to set a price per kWh for others to charge their cars.

Until now, businesses who chose to provide tesla destination chargers, such as hotels or shopping centers, paid for the electricity used by these chargers themselves and provided EV drivers with a charge for free.

With the ability to charge the electricity costs and more to the drivers, business owners will be able to quickly recoup their investment while continuing to offer vehicle charging to their customers who drive an electric vehicle of any brand, not just Tesla.

Property owners will also be able to access statistics that show the usage rate of their chargers and how much money they have generated over a set period.

This solution could also contribute to solving another issue that faces many potential EV buyers. Indeed, people living in apartments don’t usually have access to a charging station at home, which can make owning an electric vehicle very inconvenient.

Since it will now be possible to make money off of this service, landlords and property owners might decide to install charging stations in apartment complexes that will allow residents to charge their EVs at home.

The only drawback to this plan, for now, is that Tesla makes it so that a business owner has to own at least six destination chargers before they can charge users, which means that large businesses are more likely to benefit from this scheme.

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