Saturday, October 16, 2021
News Buy Your Own Tesla Cybertruck Beginning Friday

Buy Your Own Tesla Cybertruck Beginning Friday

Fans of the Cybertruck will be able to buy a replica of its, starting Friday

It may be a little early to be talking about the holiday season and Christmas, but we’re in mid-October already and with all the supply issues related to the COVID-19 pandemic, getting a gift in advance is not such a crazy idea when you think about it.

Here’s a gift suggestion that should please fans of the brand founded by Elon Musk. The official presentation of the Tesla Cybertruck will finally take place this Friday, October 15. The only hitch in this story is that this presentation will not be a production model, but rather a reproduction of the most controversial electric pickup in recent years.

Indeed, the giant Mattel has confirmed that the Tesla Cybertruck (marketed under the MEGA banner) will be fully unveiled this Friday, October 15. The set will have no less than 3,000 pieces. For now, only a few official photos have been leaked, such as the retractable tailgate of the prototype unveiled in 2019 or even the two left side windows that had been smashed by Elon Musk himself in an attempt to illustrate the resistance of the windows to a big impact. The windows of the toy concocted by the MEGA division are also “damaged” with a “smashed window” sticker.

The cargo box lid is also retractable like the one on the 2019 prototype… and most likely the one that will be released by next year. By the way, the suspension will be height adjustable, like – you guessed it – the Cybertruck.

We’ll know a little more this Friday, but until those juicy details come out, you can always start gathering your pennies, because Mattel’s Cybertruck will command the sum of $250 USD.

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