Tuesday, October 4, 2022
News Buyers of Some GM Vehicles Are Forced to Buy a $1,500 Option

Buyers of Some GM Vehicles Are Forced to Buy a $1,500 Option

General Motors has now made a $1,500 option mandatory on most of its vehicles in the US.

  • Buying a three-year subscription to OnStar and connected services is now mandatory on some models

  • The entire lineup of Buick, Cadillac and GMC is affected

  • This is a way to raise the price without having to advertise it

General Motors has found a way to increase the price of some of its vehicles while still being able to advertise a lower starting price.

Indeed, the automaker has made it mandatory in the United States to select the option that gives access to 3 years of OnStar and the premium connected service plan for a price of $1,500.

The connected services that are part of this package include the automatic crash response, which calls the emergency services when the airbags are deployed, the navigation, the vehicle diagnostics function, and the Wi-Fi hotspot.

The problem is not the addition of this feature to the standard equipment list, but rather the fact that GM still considers it as an option. This allows the manufacturer to list the base price of every vehicle without the added $1,500 dollar “option” even if every buyer will have to pay this additional sum.

A number of automakers are currently trying to subtly increase the asking price of their vehicles to cope with inflation, but General Motors could pave the way for others to make certain options mandatory.

GM is not done with this strategy either since Chevrolet is reportedly finalizing the details of its own plan for this option, meaning that even the most affordable vehicles from the automaker could see their price jump by $1,500 without warning.

In addition to being a questionable business practice, this contributes to making vehicles more expensive for customers who might not need or want any of the connected services that have been added to every Buick and GMC model as well as the Cadillac Escalade during the month of June.

According to some reports, the rest of the Cadillac lineup is now also included in the list of vehicles that can’t be ordered without the new feature.

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