Thursday, October 6, 2022
News Buyers Who don’t Choose FSD Could Wait Up to Three Times as...

Buyers Who don’t Choose FSD Could Wait Up to Three Times as Long for Their Tesla

Tesla is giving priority to orders equipped with the $12,000 FSD option.

  • Tesla prioritises orders which include the $12,000 Full Self-Driving option

  • This seems to affect Model Y orders in particular

  • Wait times for a Model Y without FSD can reach 6 months

Tesla is apparently resorting to prioritising more profitable orders again, since Model Y buyers could have to wait up to three times longer if they don’t select the FSD option.

The estimated delivery times on the automaker’s website show a surprising difference between the waiting time for someone buying a Model Y with FSD and without FSD.

Cars ordered with the $12,000 option, which is not currently useable by every owner and which doesn’t have a fixed final release date, should be delivered in May, which is about two months from now. However, if someone decides to not spend this extra $12,000 on their Model Y, they shouldn’t expect it in their driveway before September, which is six months down the road.

This is also true of the Model 3 but on a lower scale, with deliveries of the FSD equipped vehicles to happen in April, while non-FSD units should arrive in May.

This means that buyers are incentivised to spend more on their car by buying a very expensive option that they may not want in order to take delivery earlier.

The effect on the affordability of the company’s vehicles is added to a recent increase of the base price of certain Models, which are now $1,000 more expensive. Furthermore, some versions have seen a massive $10,000 increase in their sticker price over the last year.

Despite all of this, Tesla sales are doing great, with a 50% nation wide improvement year over year in January that landed the Californian company at the top of the luxury segment in terms of sales in the United States, in front of BMW and Lexus.

Even more impressive is that this increase even reached 100% in some US markets that have been the most impacted by the rising gas prices caused by the Russia-Ukraine war in the last few weeks.

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