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NewsBuying an Aston Martin in Montreal is a different experience

Buying an Aston Martin in Montreal is a different experience

When you walk into the brand-new showroom of Aston Martin Montreal, you are usually greeted with a single car. The last time I went, it was an Aston Martin DBS Superleggera painted in a matte grey finish that if I had to guess was probably Satin Jet Black.

The actual showroom, slightly to your right, houses a handful of cars, all facing the same direction. This time, it’s a fleet of Aston Martin DBX models, all unique and painted in a variety of colors, some standard, others available through the Q by Aston Martin customization program.

Decarie Motors – Jaguar – Land Rover – Aston Martin – Bentley.
World Copyright: Olivier Delorme

The floor-to-ceiling windows, the lightly stained wood flooring, and the white cabinets behind the wood counter where prospective buyers can discover the range of interior and exterior colour options available on their next Aston Martin create a decidedly modern environment. A contrast to the timeless luxury and classic refinement the vehicles in the showroom exude.

Buyers coming here for their next Aston Martin, likely an Aston Martin DBX which is sure to become the brand’s top-selling vehicle now that it has arrived, will find a dealership that on the surface looks like just about any other premium brand dealer. The difference, however, is in that first interaction with their sales representative.

I’ve been a few times and have spoken with Wesley Rehel who has been with Decarie Motors for five years. Decarie Motors includes Aston Martin Montreal, but also Bentley Montreal as well as Jaguar and Land Rover dealerships.

Wesley not only knows his products, but you get the sense that he understands his clients as well. What matters to them, the kind of experience they want, and the level of service they expect. When you buy or sell cars at this level, it’s not so much about the actual vehicle as it is about the experience, and when it comes to creating an environment where buyers want to be, Decarie Motors has done a rather impressive job.

Decarie Motors – Jaguar – Land Rover – Aston Martin – Bentley.
World Copyright: Olivier Delorme

You could call Decarie Motors an institution in Montreal. It’s been around for 75 years on Decarie Boulevard in Montreal. Founder Max Segal and his son Moe started Decarie Motors in 1946 and ever since, the group has been a family business.

Today, Moe’s son Joel is principal dealer while Cheryl Blas-Segal is General Manager. Joel’s son joined the dealer’s full-time team two years ago. More than a dozen current employees have worked for Decarie Motors for over 20 years which is just not something we see often in the automotive business.

The family environment has created a loyal group of employees. It’s not unusual to see Joel speaking with a client on the dealership floor, and both Joel and Cheryl remain very close to Decarie’s customers.

This creates that customized experience that is so important to any consumer, but specifically luxury vehicle buyers. It’s also something that, in my experience, isn’t found in every dealership representing exclusive cars like these.

Whether it be on the Aston Martin or Bentley side, or the Jaguar and Land Rover side, there is a warmth to Decarie Motors that is felt when you walk in. Many families have been buying cars at Decarie for generations, and many new customers visit for the first time after hearing about the service from a friend or colleague.

Decarie Motors – Jaguar – Land Rover – Aston Martin – Bentley.
World Copyright: Olivier Delorme

“Even as it was in Moe and Max Segal’s day, no doubt, word of mouth is still the best advertising of all and the sincerest form of compliment,” Blas-Segal said. “Earning an individual’s confidence to the point where he or she will quite naturally speak highly of your business and brands with friends, family and colleagues is truly special. It’s one of those intangibles that come from consistently treating each and every customer as a VIP, and it’s a key factor in our ability to remain at the forefront of Montreal’s luxury automobile industry through good times and bad,” Blas-Segal said.

Some brands sell themselves and Aston Martin is certainly an example of that. Still, Aston Martin Montreal never makes you feel anything else but welcomed, and the passion the team demonstrates in configuring their client’s vehicles and working alongside them after the vehicle is delivered is… refreshing.


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