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News Buying Back Your Leased Car Might the Smartest Financial Decision You Make...

Buying Back Your Leased Car Might the Smartest Financial Decision You Make this Year

Depending on the leased vehicle in your driveway right now, it could be worth up to 61% more than originally planned

  • On average, the average 3-year old leased car is worth 31.5% more than its residual value.

  • That works out to roughly $7,019 more than indicated on the lease contract.

There was a time when the math didn’t add up. Leasing a new car to then buy it would typically end up costing far more than simply initially financing it. The times, they are weird and changing. If you drive a Volkswagen Tiguan or Dodge Charger, for example, your payday might be just around the bend.

Dodge Charger Widebody SRT

The current new and used market has been turned on its ear because of pandemic-related complications. For some, the situation has caused many headaches due to production and delivery delays while, for others, the news might be very good.

iSeeCars has analyzed nearly 10 million used car sales and come up with the following list of vehicles that are worth considerably more than the indicated end-of-lease buy-back amount.

On average, they’ve discovered that the average 3-year-old used car is worth 31.5% or $7,019 more than its residual value estimated at the beginning of its leasing term. Curious to see if your ride’s on the list? Here are the top 15 potential money-makers:

Leased Cars to Buy Back and Sell for the Highest Profit  – iSeeCars Study
RankVehicle$ Market Value Increase Over Predicted Value% Market Value Increase Over Predicted Value
1Volkswagen Tiguan$8,67761.3%
2Dodge Charger$11,80655.9%
3Chevrolet Camaro$12,34652.9%
4Nissan Altima$6,22849.4%
5Volkswagen Passat$6,40049.3%
6Chrysler 300$8,08449.2%
7Nissan LEAF$6,16748.3%
8Chevrolet Malibu$6,39248.2%
9Hyundai Elantra$5,31947.9%
10Mazda MAZDA6$7,19346.8%
11Kia Forte$4,91346.7%
12Jeep Compass$7,16346.4%
13Jeep Cherokee$7,41846.3%
14Nissan Versa$3,96146.1%
15Ford Expedition$15,83045.8%
Overall Average$7,01931.5%


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