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NewsBy 2030, Most of Infiniti’s Vehicles Will be Electrified

By 2030, Most of Infiniti’s Vehicles Will be Electrified

Infiniti wants not to be judged by the size of its battery but by the variety of options it will offer their customers

  • Infiniti’s goal is an all-inclusive strategy.

  • Nissan’s premium brand’s first EV is expected in 2022.

Earlier this week, Nissan unveiled its Ambition 2030 vision. The underlying message was about providing customers with numerous mobility options by the start of the next decade. Understandably, Infiniti’s plan is much the same where they plan to deliver alternatives for all types of buyers.

Nissan Chill-Out Concept Unveiled as Brand Reveals New EV Strategy

The keywords in Infiniti’s video were “the majority of Infiniti’s vehicles by 2030 will be electrified.” Nissan’s premium car label’s focus however is on their mission to be a human-centric brand.

“Today, we announce that not only will most of the vehicles we sell by 2030 be electrified, but also that those vehicles will embody our unique take on modern Japanese luxury,” said INFINITI Chairman Peyman Kargar. “They will be daring, forward, and centered around the human experience.”

Infiniti Concepts | Photo: Screenshot from Infiniti video

While the whole of the message is vague and somewhat non-committal (compared to other companies), we do get a glimpse of a few of Infiniti’s future products. The video shows a trio of vehicles rolling. Two of them look familiar as evolutions of the Q Inspiration concept and the QX Inspiration concept from a few years back.

The clearest shot of a future product is shown above. There’s little to go on unfortunately based on the screengrabs but we will know more in 2022 as Infiniti plans to introduce its first-ever EV.

Infiniti Concepts | Photo: Screenshot from Infiniti video
Infiniti EV Concept | Photo: Screenshot from Infiniti video


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