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NewsBYD just revealed a plug-in hybrid pickup truck in Mexico

BYD just revealed a plug-in hybrid pickup truck in Mexico

  • For now, the BYD Shark is confined to the Mexican market.

  • The truck can drive for 100 km on electric mode only.


Is Chinese manufacturer BYD finally ready to invade North America? President Biden’s recent announcement of tariffs on Chinese electric vehicles certainly won’t help the cause of brands from China.

However, because of this customs dispute between the world’s two economic powers, a Chinese manufacturer is on the horizon… in Mexico, a neighboring country of the United States. BYD (for Build Your Dreams) unveiled its very first plug-in hybrid pickup truck, the Shark, earlier this week.

BYD Shark | Photo: BYD

For the moment, BYD has no intention of marketing its midsize truck in the world’s largest pickup market, but the mere fact that it intends to build a production plant on Mexican soil with an annual capacity of 150,000 vehicles shows that BYD could eventually cross the border.

BYD Shark | Photo: BYD

The new pickup is confined to Mexican territory at the time of writing, but it wouldn’t be surprising to see it cross in South America later. As the manufacturer mentions, this is the first presentation of a new BYD model outside China, but with Mexican motorists showing a keen interest in this type of vehicle, Mexico was a logical choice for the manufacturer.

BYD Shark | Photo: BYD

Information on the powertrain remains unclear for the moment, but we do know that a 1.5-liter turbocharged 4-cylinder block takes its place under the hood, paired with a plug-in hybrid system. BYD claims 430 hp and a sprint to 100 km/h in just 5.7 seconds. As for the distance it can travel in electric mode, the BYD Shark is said to be able to cover 100 km with the help of its battery.

BYD Shark | Photo: BYD

BYD has also published its charging and towing capacities. With a maximum load of 835 kg (or 1,841 lb) and a maximum towing weight of 2,500 kg (or 5,512 lb), the BYD Shark is not as well equipped in this respect as its American rivals, but all the same, for a first foray into the electrified pickup segment, the “Chinese shark” is not without arguments. It even offers a karaoke function for singing during the drive.


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