Wednesday, February 8, 2023
News Cadillac Already Has Enough Celestiq Orders for 18 Months of Production

Cadillac Already Has Enough Celestiq Orders for 18 Months of Production

Cadillac has enough orders for the upcoming Celestiq electric flagship to fill out 18 months of production.

  • Due to a very low production run, this accounts for around 500 to 800 cars.

  • According to Cadillac, many celebrities are among the reservation holders.

  • The brand will pick who gets to own a Celestiq.

Cadillac says it has now received enough orders for its upcoming Celestiq electric flagship to account for about 18 months of production.

Due to the very low production rate that is expected for the Celestiq, this doesn’t necessarily mean a high number of orders.

Indeed, Cadillac will have a team of workers hand-build each unit of the luxury sedan, which should result in a production rate of only two cars per day.

This means that an 18-month production run could see between 500 and 800 cars come out of the GM Technical Center in Warren, Michigan.

Such a limited production rate will be sustainable for the automaker since every Celestiq will carry a starting price of around $300,000 US and most owners are expected to have their vehicle customized to their individual tastes, which could inflate the total price even further.

Unsurprisingly, Cadillac says that many celebrities are among the people who have left their names on the reservation list for the EV whose production should start in about a year’s time.

Having new models sell out in a short period after their launch is definitely not uncommon, especially when it comes to electric vehicles, but this news is still impressive considering the price of the Celestiq, which puts it squarely against the likes of Bentley and Rolls-Royce.

Since so many people want to get their hands on a Celestiq, Cadillac will cherry-pick the potential owners who are “right for the brand”, which means that some reservation holders could be outright refused when it comes time to build their car.

This could be done in order to reduce the backlog of cars because the company doesn’t want to increase the production rate even if it is able to in order to keep the exclusivity that makes the appeal of this model for many potential buyers.

Source: GM Authority

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