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NewsCadillac Could be Working on Two New Electric Sedans

Cadillac Could be Working on Two New Electric Sedans

An unconfirmed report says Cadillac is working on two new electric sedans.

  • Rumours say these models will be similar in size to the CT4 and CT5.

  • A liftback design like the Celestiq is likely for both.

  • These sedans should be sold around the world, including in North America.

A rumour says that Cadillac could be working on two new electric sedans that could replace the current CT4 and CT5 in its global lineup.

General Motors is working hard on developing new electric vehicles to fill in various market niches and Cadillac is instrumental in this plan.

As such, the luxury brand has been the first to release a product based on the new Ultium platform with the Lyriq SUV and it has since unveiled two additional models built on this architecture, the Celestiq flagship sedan and the Escalade IQ.

According to sources cited by Carbuzz, these two upcoming sedans would share much of their design with the Celestiq, including its liftback configuration.

2023 Cadillac CT5 | Photo: Cadillac

Another detail that is claimed about the design of the possible electric sedans is that they would feature a low hip-point, meaning that they will be fairly sleek and low-slung. This is in direct opposition to the Lyriq SUV, which features a high hip-point.

If these models are indeed launched in the coming years, they are likely to be offered for sale in many markets around the world, including North America.

For this reason, they are likely to use the BEV Prime platform, which is an upscale version of the BEV3 platform that was developed for the Chevrolet Blazer EV and the Equinox EV.

As is often the case with Cadillac, these sedans could share some of their engineering with other models in the General Motors lineup, such as an electric Chevrolet sedan for China based on the FNR-XE concept as well as an upcoming Corvette sedan.

The automaker has yet to confirm any of this report, but if it is true, more details about these possible electric Cadillac sedans should emerge in the coming months.

Source Carbuzz


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