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NewsCadillac Designer Says Sedans Not Dead

Cadillac Designer Says Sedans Not Dead

Cadillac not walking away from cars yet

  • GM design boss says sedans will stick around

  • Cadillac still sells two high-performance sedans

Cadillac is one of the last automakers to still build new sedans. The long and storied history of cars at Cadillac will continue, as the company’s design boss says that it will introduce a new one.

Vice President of Global Design for General Motors Mike Simcoe told The Drive Australia that “We will certainly have a sedan in the portfolio at some point in the future.” That’s not just the half-million Celestiq EV, it means new more affordable electric sedans.

“SUVs are a necessary evil,” the designer said. “They’ve taken over the market. [SUVs are] a comfortable, rational purchase.”

“For those who can afford it, though, there’s always a second car that isn’t an SUV,” he added.

The CT4 and CT5 sedans, along with their Blackwing performance variants, are some of the last four-doors on the market. They compete with BMW and Audi, but also for buyers who want a more traditional vehicle shape.

Electric versions of those cars, or new models in the same size class, would make sense as the brand looks to maintain market share and sales. Cadillac’s buyers still want sedans, and the company will continue to offer them.



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