Sunday, January 23, 2022
News Cadillac InnerSpace Shows Brand Still Builds Killer Concepts

Cadillac InnerSpace Shows Brand Still Builds Killer Concepts

Cadillac shows off with future-focused InnerSpace

  • InnerSpace is a two-seater return to Cadillac luxury

  • More glass and screens per person than an Escalade

One of the things Cadillac does best is building concept cars. Dramatic looks into the future of styling that leave us swooning. The latest is the Cadillac InnerSpace, an autonomous driving concept that is the third in a series of vehicles that won’t likely ever see production but do make us excited for the future of the luxury car.

“The vehicles of the Cadillac Halo Concept Portfolio are designed to provide effortless travel through extraordinary means,” said GM design director Bryan Nesbitt. “They are visions for the next decade and beyond, showing the possibilities enabled by General Motors’ comprehensive approach to autonomous drive technology with the goal of a world with zero crashes, zero emissions and zero congestion.”

The InnerSpace, which joins the PersonalSpace and SocialSpace concepts from CES last year, is like the best classic Cadillacs. A way for two people to waft silently and serenely from place to place, only this time the car isn’t piloted by a Don Draper-like executive but rather by the autonomous driving computer. Don’s tech-mogul modern counterpart can sit back and sip his rye instead.

Large windows and a panoramic display allow for augmented reality engagement inside the car. GM’s Ultifi operating system would allow new interior themes and features to be added by Cadillac as well as authorized third parties looking to add their touches to the car’s interior.

The roof above the doors opens for easier entry while the seats pivot outward as well to make stepping in and out an affair potentially as glamorous as the exterior styling. Large seats coddle the two occupants who can enjoy a massive space made possible by the Ultium EV platform and scattering battery modules to increase room in the cabin.

“Electrification and autonomous driving will fundamentally change the role of vehicles and the experiences customers have with them,” said Nesbitt. “We’re exploring where that will go with these innovative concepts, envisioning mobility as an ally of wellness, giving customers the ultimate luxury, more personal time rather than taking it.” Cadillac is making this, as well as the other Halo Concept Portfolio vehicles available to explore online.

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