Saturday, June 10, 2023
News Cadillac is Planning an Electric Replacement for all of its current models

Cadillac is Planning an Electric Replacement for all of its current models

Cadillac plans to electrify its entire lineup in the coming years.

  • The Lyriq could replace the XT5 while a smaller and a larger model will replace the XT4 and XT6

  • The CT4 and CT5 sedans are also expected to be replaced by EVs

  • The Escalade could see an electric version as soon as 2024

Cadillac is leading General Motors’ efforts in terms of electrification at the moment with the Lyriq being the first mainstream vehicle based on the Ultium platform to be on sale.

Since the company wants to sell only electric vehicles by the end of the decade, it will have to work fast to introduce new EVs in order to not shrink its lineup.

To achieve this, Cadillac set up a plan that calls for an electric replacement of all of its current models to arrive by about 2026.

Since the Lyriq is about the same size as the current XT5, this means that the brand wants to add both a larger and a smaller crossover in order to replace the XT6 and the XT4.

The XT6 replacement is expected for 2025 but the current XT4 will most likely keep on until 2026 since it is due for a refresh in 2023.

Two other models are expected for 2026: The replacements for the CT4 and the CT5. Unlike many of its competitors, Cadillac will not abandon sedans and it plans to sell at least three of them.

Indeed, the recently unveiled Celestiq will be added to the lineup without replacing a current model since it is positioned as an ultra-luxury flagship.

The current flagship of the brand is the Escalade, and it too will be given an electric successor. Indeed, this model is the most profitable for the brand and it benefits from a loyal clientele that Cadillac wants to retain.

Both the regular length and the long-wheelbase versions will be carried over to the electric model, which will be called Escalade IQ and Escalade IQL.

This is to keep in line with the other electric Cadillacs, which are all expected to carry names ending with IQ, such as Lumistiq and Vistiq, two names that have already been trademarked.


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