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News Cadillac Lyriq: Deliveries are Paused due to a Recall

Cadillac Lyriq: Deliveries are Paused due to a Recall

The recall is due to a glitch in the infotainment software.

  • The Infotainment screen can fail to boot up in some circumstances.

  • The problem will be fixed by a software update, but owners will need to visit a dealer.

  • Only 186 vehicles are affected in the United States.

Cadillac says deliveries of the Lyriq electric SUV have stopped temporarily due to a problem that requires a recall.

In some specific circumstances, the infotainment screen of the Lyric could remain blank even while driving, which means that many important controls are made inaccessible to the driver, including the backup camera, which means the vehicle doesn’t comply with US safety mandates.

The issue was discovered by GM employees at the Spring Hill, Tennessee factory where Cadillac’s first electric vehicle is manufactured.

Looking into the matter, General Motors found 16 reports of the same problem made by Lyriq owners.

During its investigation, the automaker determined that the issue is caused by a glitch in the infotainment software.

According to the company, when the vehicle is off, the center screen sometimes performs a boot-up or a shutdown sequence which can be interrupted by opening the driver’s door of the vehicle.

If someone opens the door during a five-second window where the infotainment system is in the process of turning on or off, the screen could remain blank for the next operating cycle.

This means that fixing the problem only requires the drivers to force a restart of the infotainment system, but this solution is not acceptable to the NHTSA.

Therefore, Cadillac will develop a software update that will prevent this problem from happening altogether.

Despite the Lyriq having the capabilities to receive over-the-air updates, this recall will need owners to visit their local dealership in order to have their vehicle brought up to date.

Since the deliveries of the EV have begun recently, Cadillac says only 186 vehicles are affected by the recall in the United States.

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