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News Cadillac Teased the Celestiq Show Car Again, Brings Brings Back an Old...

Cadillac Teased the Celestiq Show Car Again, Brings Brings Back an Old Tag Line

Cadillac teased the Celestiq show car once again.

  • The Celestiq will be Cadillac’s halo model and one of the most expensive EVs ever

  • The brand released four images showing details of the show car, previewing the production models

  • The door hinges are engraved with “Standard of the World” which was a slogan for Cadillac for many decades

Cadillac released four new pictures of the Celestiq Show car today that preview some details that will be seen on the production version of this upcoming halo car.

Cadillac has been trying to recapture its lost prestige and presence in the luxury car market for over thirty years now, but the electrification of the industry could finally see the brand move back up to the top of the automotive hierarchy.

The number of pre-orders received for the Lyriq, its first-ever electric vehicle, is impressive and the demographics of the people having put down a deposit are promising since 70% of them have never owned a Cadillac before and 68% of them are aged between 27 and 57.

Cadillac Celestiq Show Car | Photo: Cadillac
Cadillac Celestiq Show Car | Photo: Cadillac

This means that Cadillac could become an aspirational brand for younger people again, as it was in its heydays in the first half of the last century.

To further cement this new image, Cadillac is working on the Celestiq, its second EV and its first electric sedan.

This model is intended to serve as a halo car for the brand, by combining a large number of new technologies with an audacious style. This top-of-the-line status will be corroborated by the price tag, which is expected to be the highest of any Cadillac ever, making it one of the most expensive EVs on the market.

Cadillac Celestiq Show Car | Photo: Cadillac
Cadillac Celestiq Show Car | Photo: Cadillac

The new images don’t show much of the vehicle, which is still a show car and not the finalized production version, but they still show what to expect from some details of the final version.

For example, the taillamps appear to be similar to those on the Lyriq, with a slender lightbar that starts horizontally and ends vertically at the edge of the body.

An image showing the wheel and the front fender might reveal that the charge port will be placed just in front of the driver’s door, under an illuminated trim piece.

Cadillac Celestiq Show Car | Photo: Cadillac
Cadillac Celestiq Show Car | Photo: Cadillac

Interestingly, a bolt in the door hinge is engraved with “Standard of the World”, which was a tag line introduced by Cadillac all the way back in 1908, before the brand was part of General Motors.

Since this slogan is associated with the best years of the brand, when it truly was one of the most prestigious automakers in the world, it shows where Cadillac wants to take its image in the coming years.

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