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NewsCadillac Unveils the 2025 ESCALADE IQ

Cadillac Unveils the 2025 ESCALADE IQ

Cadillac unveils its electric SUV, the 2025 ESCALADE IQ. With a starting price of $130,000 USD, it promises luxury, innovative features, and a notable electric range.


  • Starting price positioned at approximately $130,000 USD.

  • Touted electric range of around 720 kilometers.

  • Features a prominent 55-inch LED display and advanced safety technologies.


Cadillac, known for its luxury cars, has ventured into the electric three-row SUV domain with the announcement of the 2025 ESCALADE IQ. This vehicle, while painted as a modern reiteration of the renowned full-size SUV, carries with it a set of features and claims that had the chance to see up close and personal in Detroit, Michigan, earlier in August.

2025 Cadillac ESCALADE IQ | Photo : Cadillac

Big Power, Big Range

Firstly, the ESCALADE IQ touts a range of approximately 720 kilometers. This number, while impressive on paper, will require real-world testing to validate. Factors such as driving conditions, climate, and vehicle load can influence the actual mileage. Prospective buyers should approach this claim with caution, but Cadillac has been known to provide close-to real-world range estimates, namely for its Lyriq SUV.

2025 Cadillac ESCALADE IQ | Photo : Cadillac

The heart of the ESCALADE IQ lies in its robust electric drive system. It boasts two drive units, each housing a single motor, capable of delivering an impressive 680 horsepower in Normal Mode. For those seeking a more spirited drive, the Velocity Max mode ramps up the power to 750 horsepower and a torque of 785 lb-ft., based on GM’s testing data. This allows for sub-5-second 0-100 km/h sprints.

2025 Cadillac ESCALADE IQ | Photo : Cadillac

Charging is an essential aspect of any electric vehicle, and the ESCALADE IQ offers flexibility in this regard. While conventional 240V home charging provides around 60 kilometers of range per hour of charge time, the DC Fast Charge option, available at public stations, promises up to 160 kilometers in a mere 10-minute span. This feature, combined with the vehicle’s touted 720-kilometer range, paints a picture of convenience for long-distance travelers.

2025 Cadillac ESCALADE IQ | Photo : Cadillac

The vehicle’s chassis and suspension have been meticulously designed to ensure a comfortable and controlled drive. With a Short-Long Arm (SLA) suspension equipped with air springs and MagneRide dampers, the ride promises to be both smooth and responsive. The addition of 24-inch alloy wheels wrapped in LT275/50R24 tires, although stylish, comes with the caveat of potentially faster wear and susceptibility to damage on rougher terrains (i.e., everything but California-smooth pavement).

2025 Cadillac ESCALADE IQ | Photo : Cadillac

Lots of Screens, Lots of Room, Lots of Dollars

Externally, the ESCALADE IQ is a sizable vehicle, with a length of 224.3 inches and a width of 94.1 inches with mirrors extended. The wheelbase stands at 136.2 inches, suggesting a roomy interior. While the first and second rows offer ample headroom and legroom, the third row appears slightly more constrained, particularly in the headroom department.

2025 Cadillac ESCALADE IQ | Photo : Cadillac

The vehicle’s cargo capacity is commendable, with a generous space of 119.2 cubic feet available when both the second and third rows are folded. For smaller items, the eTrunk (frunk) offers an additional 12.2 cubic feet. Those considering the ESCALADE IQ for towing won’t be disappointed either, with a maximum trailering capacity of 8,000 lbs.

2025 Cadillac ESCALADE IQ | Photo : Cadillac

Inside, it’s clear that Cadillac has poured considerable thought into crafting an environment that exudes luxury while prioritizing functionality. The panoramic fixed glass roof not only offers aesthetic appeal but also amplifies the sense of space, making journeys feel open and airy. The auditory experience hasn’t been overlooked, with an AKG sound system that can encompass up to 40 speakers.

2025 Cadillac ESCALADE IQ | Photo : Cadillac

The expansive 55-inch LED display, running from pillar to pillar, is undeniably the centerpiece of the Escalade IQ’s interior. It houses the Google/Android Cadillac-customized User Interface and does not support Apple CarPlay or Android Auto connection. Moreover, it appears that the technology was directly inspired by what’s promised in the $340,000 Cadillac Celestiq. Speaking of dollars, the Escalade IQ starts at a staggering $130,000 USD, making it the most expensive Cadillac ever manufactured (until the Celestiq hits the market, that is).

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The 2nd row of seats offers a suite of features that are just as impressive: massaging and ventilated seats, extensive seat reclining, or individual multimedia screens can all be found in the Executive Rear Seats configuration. Furthermore, unlike the outgoing ICE Escalade, the 3rd row of seating in the ESCALADE IQ seems oddly cramped, most likely due to the “coupe” roofline.

2025 Cadillac ESCALADE IQ | Photo : Cadillac

As the automotive world progressively steers towards electrification, Cadillac’s foray with the 2025 ESCALADE IQ represents a harmonious blend of the brand’s legacy with contemporary innovation. While its technical specifications and luxury appointments place it as a front-runner in the premium electric SUV market, the real test will be its on-road performance and adaptability in real-world scenarios. Potential customers and enthusiasts will have to wait a bit to experience it firsthand, though, as the ESCALADE IQ is slated for release in the fall of 2024.

2025 Cadillac ESCALADE IQ | Photo : Cadillac








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