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California Asked Drivers to Not Charge Their EVs Days After Passing a Ban on Gasoline-powered Vehicles

The State of California caused some confusion by banning gas-powered vehicles and asking drivers not to charge their EVs in the same week.

  • California passed a ban on sales of new gasoline-powered vehicles to come in effect in 2035

  • Days after the new law passed, the State asked drivers to not charge their EV over the Labor Day weekend

  • This is because the demand for electricity is expected to be higher than usual, potentially causing power outages

The State of California passed a new law last week that will ban the sales of new vehicles powered by combustion engines starting in 2035, but it has now asked EV drivers to not charge their vehicles.

This contradiction is one that will likely become a common occurrence as the number of electric vehicles on the road continues to increase.

Indeed, California asked drivers to not charge their electric vehicles over the Labor Day weekend as part of a number of energy conservation methods.

This is because the State is expecting a higher load on the power grid during that period, especially between 4 pm and 9 pm since at that time, the demand for electricity is still high but the output of the grid’s solar panels is reduced.

This highlights a problem that has been mentioned before, which is that many areas’ power grids are not capable of supporting the much higher loads that will be placed upon them when most residents drive an EV.

What this means is that there will have to be a way to make sure that not too many electric vehicles are being charged at any given time, perhaps by instating alternating charging times for different groups of people.

In addition, many States will need to invest massively in an overhaul of their entire power grid over the next few decades.

In the current situation, California is asking drivers to refrain from charging their EVs altogether as well as turning off unnecessary lights, setting their A/C thermostat to 78˚F (25˚C) or higher and avoiding the use of large electrical appliances such as the oven or the clothes dryer.

Given that this warning came so close to the passing of the upcoming ban on internal combustion vehicles, many have expressed their frustrations with the State’s government on social media.


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