Tuesday, November 29, 2022
News Canadian Bugatti Chiron Recall Shows at Least Five Were Sold Here

Canadian Bugatti Chiron Recall Shows at Least Five Were Sold Here

Chirons may not restore ESC with ignition off/on

  • Five Canadian Chirons recalled by Bugatti

  • Issue with stability control, but really, five? Here?

Bad news for the few Canadian owners of one of the fastest cars ever built as one of the most exclusive recalls ever was announced today by Transport Canada. But also, wow, are there really at least five Bugatti Chirons that were sold in this country? That’s quite a surprise to us.

That’s because Just 60 Bugatti Chiron hypercars were ever built. Even if you count the special editions of the 8.0L quad-turbo W16 powered car that makes up to 1,600 hp and hits top speeds that are more theoretical than actually ever achievable by their owners by virtue of their extremeness, only 150 had been sold as of earlier this year and 250 had been built. So as many as eight percent of the world’s Chirons (and possibly an even higher number) are lurking in private garages in Canada. If you’re one of those owners, we’d like to say hello.

The ultra-exclusive recall notice affects five Bugatti Chiron models sold in Canada, with model years 2017-202 possibly affected. The problem, though, isn’t what you might normally expect in the form of an airbag, sensor, or suspension issue that popped up down the road.

Instead, on these cars, there’s an issue with the electronic stability control. Turn it off by moving the Drive Mode selector to Handling Mode, the one that’s indicated with a racing flag, and the next time you start the car the ESC system will stay in the Handling Mode setting instead of returning to the default. Transport Canada says that “an ESC system that is not fully active could increase the risk of a crash.” In a 1,600 hp, 420 km/h-capable monster, that certainly seems like it could be the end result of a careless driver who had been expecting ESC.

The fix, of course, is to take your Bug to a dealer to reprogram it. Probably along with your next six-figure service visit.

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