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NewsCanadian Tesla Buyers will Have to Pay $2,200 More for Full Self-Driving

Canadian Tesla Buyers will Have to Pay $2,200 More for Full Self-Driving

Tesla is raising the price of Full Self-Driving in Canada by $2,200.

  • This brings the price to $12,800 in Canada

  • FSD has only begun beta testing in Canada back in March

  • The company didn’t announce the price change as it usually does

Many Canadians on the market to buy a Tesla vehicle have been disappointed since they noticed that $2,200 have been added to the price tag for Full Self-Driving seemingly overnight.

Tesla is known to change to prices of its vehicles and options quite frequently, but it usually notifies owners and interested people before the price increases in order to give them a chance to buy at a lower price.

This wasn’t done when the automaker decided to tack on an extra $2,200 to its FSD system a couple of days ago. This brings the price of this system up to $12,800, a price that many think is too much for a technology that is not yet widely available and still in the Beta testing phase.

In the United States, where the beta testing began a while ago now, the performance of FSD, has proved to be variable depending on the location.

This is because this system works with what Tesla calls a Neural Net, meaning that each Tesla vehicle that drives in an era is able to feed data to a central databank that can then be used to improve the capabilities of FSD for that specific area.

This means that the system is fairly competent in areas where many Tesla vehicles have been driving around for years, but it still has a lot of difficulties in areas where less Tesla traffic is seen.

This is a problem for Canada, because there are obviously less Tesla vehicles here than in the US, but also since Beta testing has only begun in the country back in March of this year, meaning that the neural nets for Canada are still very new.

Tesla justifies this by saying that when the system is fully released on the market with fully autonomous capabilities, something that was promised to happen some years ago now, it will cost a lot more than it currently does, so even with the recent increases, the $12,800 price tag should still be seen as a bargain.


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